Pricing & Transparency

In line with the guidance set by the Law Society of Scotland, Katani & Co are publishing information about our fees for immigration and asylum work including any additional expenses. You will be told before any work commences what are fees are likely to be and this will be included in your Terms of Business letter. 
Depending on the type of enquiry, we may be able to quote you a set fee for the work involved (including expenses), or if further information is needed to give a proper assessment of the type of application to apply for and the work involved, we would offer a paid consultation. 
At the start of any work, you will be advised of any hourly fee and/or set fee plus an hourlyrate for work undertaken that is outside the scope of work offered under the set fee. At Katani & Co, we have solicitors of varying degrees of experience, which is reflective in the fee guide. You will be advised of who is the case owner, as well as any other staff members who may work on your case. 

Fees guide

● Entry Clearance for spouse or child: £900-£1400+VAT● In country applications for further leave to remain/settlement: £1000-£1400+VAT● Submitting appeal grounds to Upper Tribunal: £350-£500+VAT● Representation at First Tier Tribunal: £1500-£3000+VAT ● Representation at Upper Tribunal: £1200-£3000+VAT● Naturalisation as a British Citizen: £600-£800+VAT● Registration of a child as a British Citizen: £450-£750+VAT● Travel Document: £200+VAT● EU Settlement Scheme: £400-£700+VAT● Visitor Visa: £750-£1100+VAT● Tier 1 visa: £2500-£5000+VAT● Tier 2 visa (sponsor): £2000-£4000+VAT● Tier 2 visa: £1200-£1500+VAT ● Tier 5 visa: £1200-£1800+ VAT● Bail application: £800+VAT ● Initial Assessment Consultation: £150-£300+VAT 

All fees quoted above do not include expenses e.g. court/tribunal fees, translation/interpreters fees etc.